Hello KotaGamers,

One of the most exciting games in KotaGames is Monster Fight. This mobile social game is about raising a Pet Monster (PetMon) and train it to be a champion.

With more than 5000 people playing every day, Monster Fight proves that it has the best quality in mobile social gaming. You could try this awesome game at http://www.kotagames.com.


Training Your PetMon
At first, you’ll start as an egg, when you hatch it, pick one that you like (Neko or Maru type) and you’ll need to give it a name. Then you’ll have to prepare them for battles in training. When you’re ready, head over to Arena to battle random opponent.

In the Arena, you could fight loads of other PetMons. Hone your Battle skills and collect loots when you win the fight. When you achieved certain amount of experience, your PetMon can level up to better state, upgrade its attribute in the homepage.

You can also enter a bigger arena, Championship, to gain rare items. Championship tickets usually can be found when you win in the Arena.

Few attributes to be looked out

  • Mood & Food: Without food, your pet will be hungry and cannot join any battle, be sure to feed them on time.
  • Battle stats: Health Point (HP), Strength, Agility, and Defense are important in battles. Think twice before you battle with friends whose PetMon has better stats than you. You could be defeated!
  • Energy: To do tasks like training or battle, your PetMon needs energy. Energy will get charged overtime, but there are some loot or purchasable items that can give you full energy in no time.


The most interesting thing in Monster Fight is its evolution feature. Every PetMon can grow into more awesome creatures. Check out below for Neko monster evolution chart.

There are so much to explain about this evolution mechanism. I’ll give it next time in separate articles.
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