Hello KotaGamers,

If Facebook Zynga has Mafia Wars, then KotaGames has Club Wars on mobile. Despite managing a mafia, you manage your own club and try to make it bigger and more exciting for customers. You can find it in www.kotagames.com.

Jobs Make You Richer
In Club Wars, you need to do various Jobs to acquire K$ and raise your level. These jobs need energy and specific weapon. The tougher you are, more jobs will be unlocked. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you might get good loots when completing a job. You will gain certain amount of mastery to fully complete a specific job and move on to other type of job.

Allies and Hero Make You Stronger
You most likely will lose fights if you fight alone. So gain more friends and allies to join your team, to achieve better probability to win fights. Moreover, you can train Hero to be your club guardian angel: Chief Bouncer or Hooligan Lord. The Hero training consumes K$, but your club will be stronger to defense fights.

Models Make You Popular
To increase your club size and earn more money quickly, you’ll need fans. To acquire fans, you need to hire beautiful models. But these models is a little bit tough to acquire. You need to make their love meter to be 100% by sending gifts like necklace or clothes. Their expression will change when they are on to you. Yes, all club girls are very materialistic, that’s why you have to be rich 🙂

As your club levels up, you can do more interesting job and eventually meet the bosses. Beat this boss to acquire huge amount of experience and money. Try Club Wars now at www.kotagames.com !