Hello KotaGamers,

So many of you have asked about how to do get certain PetMon in Monster Fight KotaGames and mig33.
Don’t worry! We will be giving the complete walkthrough for it in this page.

When your PetMon reach certain level in Monster Fight, you’ll be given option to evolve your PetMon and get bonus stats.

There’s 4 type of Evolution: Neko, Maru, Tado and Hedgester. You can get Tado and Hedgester PetMon from Special Egg that dropped in Arena or Championship. You can hatch it once you got Cage that is retrieved as Daily Reward after 14 days in a row logging in KotaGames.

Please see image below for complete Monster Fight Evolution path. You can click on each image to enlarge it.

You can do the evolution of each PetMon when the level are met. But to get certain type of PetMon you need to achieve these conditions as follow.

Alpha PetMon (Level 10)

  • Saber: Random
  • Dragoon: Random
  • Shiboni: Random
  • Apester: Random
  • Sangat: Food 2, Mood -2
  • Lepus: Food 0, Mood +1
  • Arphia: Food 0, Mood -1
  • Andaman: Food 0, Mood +1
  • Anura: Food 2, Mood -2
  • Zalama: Food 0, Mood +1
  • Ebi: Food +2, Mood -2
  • Hebi: Food 0, Mood -1
  • Kuma: Food 0, Mood -1
  • Monoborus: Food 2, Mood -2
  • Hedgefox: Food 0, Mood +1

Gamma PetMon (level 20)

  • LioKaiser: Evolution from Saber, Lepus, Andaman, Arphia
  • Tigro: Evolution from Sangat, Arphia, Dragoon
  • Princep: Evolution from Anura
  • Arigazor: Evolution from Zalama, Ebi
  • Aniko: Evolution from Hebi
  • Scorpio: Evolution from Shiboni
  • Minosaur: Evolution from Kuma, Monoborus
  • Saiyan: Evolution from Apester
  • Shippo: Evolution from Hedgefox

Zeta PetMon (level 40)

  • Sabitan: Evolution from LioKaiser, Arigazor, Minosaur
  • Gagabi: Evolution from Tigro, Aniko
  • Vilkasic: Evolution from Princep, Shippo
  • Azupara: Evolution from LioKaiser, Scorpio, Saiyan

Omega PetMon (level 70)

  • Raikuzu: Ultimate evolution from Sabitan, Gagabi
  • Lavaton: Ultimate evolution from Azupara, Vilkasic






At first, you may often get Neko and Maru path, but after you progress in the game, you will have more chances to collect all of these exotic PetMon! Show your friend who’s the boss and beat them in the duel!

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