Hello KotaGamers,

Demon Hunter is a new game from TheMobileGamer, released a month after Fun Factory. Right now, this game is available only in Mig33 platform. Three days after its launch, the number of user surpassed 300k! So soon, Demon Hunter will be also released in KotaGames.com.





Adopting Monster Fight mechanics, Demon Hunter demonstrated different view of role play gaming in medieval environment. You can play as Magician or Warrior and level up to higher job rank.  The battle Challenge and Training are still there, but instead of Arena, you can hunt monsters and get experience in Hunting Ground, plus collect rare items.











There are many types of monsters as well, each consist of weak, strong and boss level of monsters. Each time you level up, you can encounter new monsters in the Hunting Grounds.






As a specific character you can take job path.  Scheme below describe which job rank you can acquire after level up. Last update, there’re people that reached level 580 and 380! Very hardcore users!









New job rank also means new skills to kill all those monsters in Hunting Ground. Look at these characters. Cute isn’t it? But they are pretty powerful =)






Again, you can enjoy this this game on Mig33. Later on, we’ll update when we’ll upload the better version on KotaGames.com. Stay tune on our Facebook www.facebook.com/KotaGames and our Twitter on www.twitter.com/KotaGames . Cheerio!