Hello Kotagamers,

Kotagames has evolved to a better shape since these few weeks. For you who might have missed what we’ve done so far, here’s the details.


This is a messaging feature for Kotagames users. You can drop message to the friends that you iFollowed to keep in touch with them. The limitation is that you can only write message no longer than 100 chars with space maximum.











More Avatars with Shout Out!

Sometimes Kotagames hold an avatar event. Doing missions, you can get rare avatar that cannot be retrieved by usual way. Don’t miss this kind of event. You can also post shout out for your Avatar so others can understand what you think.











Post Avatar to Facebook

If you linked your Kotagames account to your facebook account using tools in Profile Page, then you can post your avatar to your Facebook and show it to your friends.











KG Level

On your profile there’s the number of your followers, games played, and your KG level. This KG level will evolve as you advance the game, change avatars, buy coins, etc. Right now, there’s not much use to it. But later on Kotagames will publish special avatars that can only be gained when the KG level is high enough.






That’s it for feature on Kotagames right now. For sure in the next day to come, KG will release more and more interesting feature and games! Stay tune!


Kotagames Team