Hello Kotagamers,

Six Elements is a new Kotagames social game that was released a week ago. The gameplay is pretty simple. You and many other players need to forge a clan to win war and snatch gems. The clan who completed all 6 gems will be rewarded and game will be reset.









Many found this game is very challenging because it requires a lot of teamwork. But for you who want to know more and win WAR more, please read tips below.


There are total 3 tribes in Six Elements.

Dyrio: Clan of the Wolf, easy to gain energy and upgrade temple.









Katal: Clan of the Shark, superb offense, built mightier siege.









Zerua: Clan of the Eagle, bolder defense, easy to upgrade fortress.









How to change tribes?

  • You can defect to another tribe in by choosing the Defect button at Town.
  • Defected warriors will be reset to level 1 while losing all the Ores and Gold.
  • Alternatively, warriors can buy the “Honourable Defect” item from store and bring over the levels, Ores and Gold.

Shi’a Ra GEMS

What are Shi’a Ra Gems?

Shi’a Ra Gems are magical gems that give their beholders unique powers, each gem also has the ability to bless the tribes with a gift whenever they are found.

Where can we find the gems?

  • Shi’a Ra Gems can be found in mines, but they are so rare that you need a lot of luck to find it.
  • Alternatively, you can take part in the tribe wars to get the Gems. Be the last person to inflict damage to the losing tribe and you might just get it.
  • Why do the gems disappear after my tribe collects them all?
  • Shi’a Ra gems are gone after they have been collected and summoned. Only gem holders will have the ability to summon Shi’a Ra at the end of the battles after which the gems will disappear into the earth again.


How to win a battle?

  • Battles are fought with strength, which is a measurement of your troops multiply by the dice results.
  • If your strength is higher than enemy, you win.
  • If the strength is equal, the defender wins the battle.

Why do I get 2 dice for some battle and 1 die for the others?

  • If you have equal or more troops than enemy, you battle with 2 dice. Two dice will give you a higher chance of winning your enemy.
  • If you have fewer troops than your enemy, you can only battle with 1 die. The chance of winning is much slimmer.
  • The number you get from dice will be multiplied with your troops to determine win or lose.


How to I build the town?

  • You can help your tribe to build the town facilities by clicking on the facility button.
  • Each facility has its own unique use, Fort helps to recover the tribe HP, Siege damages the other tribe’s HP and Temple helps to regenerate warrior’s energy.

How come sometimes the town facility levels are reset or reduced?

The town facilities are reset upon completion of each round. Tribe warriors are required to rebuild the facilities to have an edge over one another.

How do I communicate with my tribe members?

  • You can post a message in the tribe council with a maximum of 140 characters.
  • You can only post 1 message in 2 hours and if you are reported/ found to use vulgarities, you will be banned from posting in tribe.


Who are the Zavods?

Zavods are the warriors of Zavod-O, the goddess of destruction. They terrorize the land in search of Shi’a Ra gems to revive their master Zavod-O.

Why do they appear?

After the tribe war for 5th gem has ended, the Zavod army will appear in an attempt to snatch all the gems from the tribes. Tribes are advise to joint force to fight off Zavods.

Why does everything reduced when the Zavod army arrived?

Zavods are very destructive warriors, they destroy your town, set fire to the villages and hence everyone is affected. The best solution to deal with Zavods is to work with the other tribes to fight against Zavods.

That’s all for Six Elements tips. If there’s any issue, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter. If you find any complaints or cheat, you can submitted to support@kotagames.com.